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Kasambahay work hard. They take care of families. They sometimes neglect their wellbeing. This season, it’s time to treat them special. Office employees aren’t the only ones who should get 13th month pays. They also work hard for their bosses. Some of them don’t have day-offs. Others can’t even go out of the house to buy something.

This time, the Department of Labor and Employment is looking after them. For a change, the agency insisted charges can be filed if the employer neglect to give 13th-month pay to a Kasambahay. The 13th-month pay should be equal to one month’s salary. This is according to Secretary Silvestre Bello III.

Bello discussed that DOLE can’t file charges if no one comes forth to complain about their employer. But he mentioned the agency rarely receives complaints about it. Concerning companies, he clarified that employers can request for exemptions. They can do that in cases of calamities.

Section 25, Payment of Wages states that these employees should give a salary at least once a month. There should be no deductions. They can only do that if there is consent from the worker or authorities. Employers can’t give promissory notes or other forms of payments like vouchers. Kasambahays also need to get SSS, Philhealth, and Pag-Ibig.

What a great Christmas this year will be! Kasamabahays can enjoy their benefits from their employers. Of course, not all employers are agreeing. Some employers also are just office employees. They also only can afford small pay for their Kasambahays. It’s a good thing that Kasambahays will receive this but it’s a problem if their employees aren’t rich. So, employers who aren’t rich need to save up all year for their Kasambahays’ salaries. They should do this to make their employees happy. What do you think about this?


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