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How to Apply for OWWA Scholarship

How to Apply for OWWA Scholarship
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Overseas Workers Welfare Administration or OWWA is the government agency which gives protection to its members. It supports to promote the wellbeing of its members. Because of this, the agency is working hard to give its member the right benefits. One of the benefits of OWWA is its scholarship programs for OWWA members’ dependents.

EDSP or the Education for Development Scholarship Program is given to OWWA members’ dependents. The OWWA members’ dependent who are granted these scholarships can choose a 4 or 5 –year course at any of their chosen university. They will be given not more than Php60,000 every school year. The scholarship program will begin in SY2019. EDSP also offers free educational assistance for qualified OWWA dependents to enrol at any state universities and colleges and Technical Education and Skills Development or TESDA accredited school. This scholarship is also open to be used for private schools and/or vocational schools.

On the other hand, OFWDSP or OFW Dependent Scholarship Program is offered to OWWA dependents to study in a state college or university and whose OFW parent/s gets a salary of Php30,478 or lower. This scholarship program will give Php20,000 of educational assistance (for other school fees). This will also take effect in SY2019.

Qualifications for OWWA Scholarship Program

  • Must be immediate family (child or sibling) of the OWWA member
  • 21 years old and below
  • Should be a Filipino citizen
  • Must be in good health condition
  • Must be a person with good moral character
  • Average grade must be 80% and above
  • Must be at least in the top 20% of the graduating class
  • Must not have any scholarship grants
  • Hasn’t taken any qualifying exam under OWWA
  • Must be the only dependent applying or receiving the OWWA grant
  • Parent or guardian must be an active member of OWWA

OWWA Scholarship Requirements

  • 2 Filled out application forms
  • 2 copies of 1X1 photo ID
  • Proof of relationship to the OWWA member
  • Original and photocopy of Birth Certificate
  • Form 137 or the qualified dependent’s Transcript of Records or TOR
  • Scholastic standing
  • OWWA membership proof for parent or sibling
  • Health Certificate of the qualified dependent
  • Good Moral Character Certificate (to be issued by the Guidance Counselor or the School Principal)
  • Graduating Class Standing
  • Qualified dependent sworn statement that he doesn’t have any resident immigrant status or application and dual citizenship

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If you’re an OWWA member who wishes to apply your dependent for this scholarship program or you are the applicant, you can check this website https://www.owwa.gov.ph/ for other important details of the application.

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