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This small house in Davao Del Sur cost a million. A small house in Davao del Sur made a big noise online just recently. This small nipa hut or Bahay Kubo as we call it, is distinct from the rest of the nipa hut you have seen. What makes it different? It cost 1.7 million PHP. Yes, you read it right!

I’m pretty sure that many are curious as to why this house costs an arm and a leg. An article published by Choose Philippines showed why this small house is pricy.

This Bahay Kubo is located in Brgy. New Sibonga, Kidlawan, Davao del Sur, and owned by a couple named Marcelo and Amelia Alqueza. Because of its extravagant price tag, this Bahay Kubo is now a tourist destination. Many people come and visit to take pictures.

Most parts of the house are made of bamboo that includes the chairs, bed, and the cabinets inside the house. The roof is made of Cogon grass and the door is made in Rattan, a vine-like palm native to the tropical regions of Asia and Africa.

The house was solo built by a member of the T’boli tribe from Lake Sebu, South Cotabato, the reasons why this Bahay Kubo costs a million. They also said that this house can last up to 50 years.

The native house design is ideal for people who would like to have a place with natural ventilation, a perfect tropical set-up.

If you think that’s all, then wait until you see the basement part of the house. They hung “Duyans” or hammock made of Rattan, perfect for short naps.

If you want a relaxing and eco- friendly set up, then this house is perfect for you. Some people would like to have native houses in the countryside as sort of a rest house or vacation residence, far from traffic, city noise and the crowded streets.

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