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This pandemic taught us many lessons and opened up our eyes to things we should see. On a specific note, there are two things that I believe we are now aware of; that nothing is permanent in this world and money could not guarantee our safety. These two things give us the realization that at the end of the day, we only got each other.

Recently, a group of motorcycle riders made headlines on social media as they blessed an old man who lived in a shack. The story of the 88-year-old Lolo named Feliciano Domingo really breaks the heart of these riders and in response, they did something that surely changed the old man’s life forever.

Lolo Feliciano is living in Barangay Maab-abaca, Piddig, in Ilocos Norte and he has no place to call his home. He is living alone after his family left him years ago. Knowing the plight of the old man, a group of motorcycle riders names ADJO Moto Club collect funds to build a comfortable shelter for Lolo Feliciano.

Within 12 days, they finished the house which is made in concrete to make sure that it is sturdy and could stand any calamity. In addition to that, they also gave Lolo Feliciano a bed and a kitchen where he can prepare his meal. Many netizens were impressed with the kindness of these riders.

Some netizens shared their thoughts about what they did for Lolo Feliciano. Here are some of their thoughts:

“Spread the good news. As what my grandfather told me that, God gave us two hands not to punish people but to give our helping hands. I do feel happy seeing people doing something good to humanity, God bless us.”

“Mas lalo pang pag-iingatan ng Panginoon ang inyong paglalakabay, mga riders. Thank you sa inyo. Sana madami pa ang rider association na tulad niyong matulungin.”

God bless you!

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