Home News Architects Transformed a Bare Unit Into An Amazing House.

Architects Transformed a Bare Unit Into An Amazing House.

Architects Transformed a Bare Unit Into An Amazing House.
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Looking for a budget-friendly yet impressive house? Are you planning for a house renovation or transformation? If yes, then this article would be an amazing inspiration for you. Most of us nowadays are looking for an affordable and budget-friendly house. Nothing is cheap right now especially during this pandemic so planning is a must.

Villages or subdivisions are now offering units or so-called “raw house” that will not wear out your pockets. Starting family and young employees are the usual takers because it suits their financial capacity. But the house is literally raw. No divisions, no partitions, no furnishing. You only got the title and the key, that’s all. But you’re the owner now so that means, you can decorate and furnish your house that way you want it to be.

However, decorating a house is not as simple as you say it. You need to have the creativity, right planning, and budget. If you can’t do it on your own, then let’s go on Plan B, hire impressive people. Recently, a woman named Karen Mae Cabuhat shared a post online of her house and how she transformed it into an impressive masterpiece.

The house is raw and has nothing special when she bought it. It’s just a building with no tiles, divisions, and bare at all, not to mention the kitchen counter that looks like a concrete box. The bathroom is also bare with some beams showing up and the second floor which is best described as ugly.

Thankfully, Karen was able to hire professional and talented architects. With her is the design of her dream house, the sketch of how she wanted it to look like. Personally, my hopes are high because hiring an architect is an extra expense. All I expect is perfection. And tadaaah! The architects are able to make her dream into reality and she was very happy with the outcome.

The builders started off by demolishing the walls, removing the unnecessary parts, and gradually making what Karen wants. The house has a small space and maximizing it is the best idea to get the most out of it. The house was extended to the fence that adds space inside. Built-in cabinets were also added, a good idea in maximizing space.

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