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Get Mesmerized with Willie Revillame’s Paradise House in Tagaytay

Get Mesmerized with Willie Revillame’s Paradise House in Tagaytay
image credit to Rene Mejia
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Willie Revillame is known to have a penchant for beautiful houses. He wants it with a touch of elegance and style. It can’t just be a simple house. The design must be very intricate. His house in Tagaytay is more than just that. It’s a house that is not just beautiful but there’s serenity and once you’re inside, you might feel like you won’t want to leave anymore. According to Willie himself, it’s a house you would want to spend your retirement. It was built within 3 lots that the popular host had purchased many years ago and inspired from the Bulgari Hotel and Resort in Bali, Indonesia. It’s a 5-hectare property and he plans on building a hotel and private villas to maximize his property.

The house has a very peaceful ambiance especially that it is more like a glasshouse. There are a lot of outdoor areas and the guests will definitely enjoy the stunning infinity pool overlooking the wonderful view of Taal Lake.

Façade and Outdoor Area

image credit to Rene Mejia

The view from the property is really mesmerizing. The structure stands tall and proud with its glass doors and windows. It has a verdant outdoor area which complements the look of the house.

It has an open-air dining area with two dining sets that can accommodate more than twenty people. There are an artificial waterfall and a hedge of boulders. If viewed from this area, details of the house will be more esteemed.

Another part of the outdoor area is the flight of steps which lead to the main house. This area is furnished with LED-illuminated tables, and chairs, There’s a bar area too.

Living and Dining Area

The living area is more like a hotel suite. It has an entertainment system and a B&B Italia gray sofa with lush pillows and appealing armchairs. The Superarchimoon floor lamp adds height to the house.

The dining area has spectacular pieces that match the look of the house. There is a console table besides the dining set and a high-end sound system. There are some books and wooden slats that separate the area from the steps that lead to the bedrooms upstairs.

The pieces of furnitures are from Molteni & C. The chairs’ dark finish add a tropical appeal to the house.

Kitchen and Mess Kitchen

The kitchen connects the veranda to the dining area. It is well-stocked and there are snacks and treats on the countertop. The area is very neat, organized, and spacious. It is well ventilated and boasts of first-class appliances.


There’s a sliding glass door from the kitchen going to the mess kitchen. This is where food preparation and cooking is done. It is mostly made of stainless steel appliances and a double sink. There’s a stainless steel island in the middle too.

There’s an outdoor dining area that is furnished with Dedon’s Seashell seating pieces which ere designed by Jean Marie Massaud. These chairs have backrests which make it very comfortable to sit in.

Powder Rooms

There are 2 powder rooms; one for female and one for male guests. These are located on the first floor and both rooms are organized, spotlessly clean, and equipped with excellent fixtures.

Entertainment Room

This is another inviting feature of the house. It has very comfortable sofas and very colorful floor pillows, high-end speakers, and a gigantic TV. There’s a videoke machine too.

Gym & Sauna

There’s a gym where guests can take time to exercise. It is well-equipped with pieces of exercise equipments and the view from this spot will keep you feeling relaxed.

There’s a sauna which can make guests retreat to a soothing escape. It can accommodate about ten people.


There are 4 bedrooms in the house; a family room, 2 guest rooms, and the master’s bedroom which is located on the house’s roof deck.

The 2 guest rooms have direct access to the gym and swimming pool. It’s very simple and clean but would definitely give guests a homey feel.

The family room is located on the roof deck too and only the closest friends of Willie can have access on it. The room has its own bathroom which has quality fixtures and enclosed shower area. This area has a minimalist and relaxing feel.

The Master’s bedroom is simply amazing; complete with a view of the stunning outdoors. It boasts of Kenneth and Mock sliding panels and glass walls which allow natural light into the room, giving it a cozier ambiance. It has a loveseat, taupe curtains, and dark padded wall.

Master Bathroom

It has natural light and can be accessed through the walk-in closet of the TV host. It has a his-and-hers sink and a clear glass shower enclosure. The area has a floor to ceiling glass window where the natural light comes from.


This spot has a breathtaking view of Taal Lake and complemented by the seating pieces which will make you feel like you can stay there forever.

Infinity Pool

It’s just so awesome; the infinity pool is one of the must-see in this house. It turns into a magical area at night once the lights have been turned on as the city underneath the area slowly comes to life.

Night View

The house is absolutely enchanting once the lights are turned on at night. According to the TV Host, LED lights are used all over the place. It saves on energy consumption. {via}

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