Home Tech Entertainment Look: Heart Evangelista and Her Beautiful House In Quezon City.

Look: Heart Evangelista and Her Beautiful House In Quezon City.

Look: Heart Evangelista and Her Beautiful House In Quezon City.
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Who wouldn’t be amazed by the one and only Heart Evangelista?

Love Marie Payawal Ongpauco-Escudero, popularly known as Heart Evangelista, is a 35-year-old Filipino actress and online influencer who is making a buzz both online and offline. She is a complete package. She is more than just a pretty face nor a socialite. She is beautiful with a “Heart.”

Garnering 1.66 million subscribers on YouTube, Heart is making a name in the fashion world and on YouTube. She is even popular is TikTok, a famous app in the world today. This pandemic makes us see how beautiful her heart is as she extended help to those who are greatly affected by the crisis. Though she also suffering some issues in her personal life, she never stops encouraging people that there is hope.

Today, we will be featuring her elegant townhouse in Quezon City.

At the age of 29, the 35-year-old actress managed to live alone and take care of herself.

“Malaki ang mga pinagbago ko talaga, sobra,” she said.

She’s the one who designed and style her own house, reflecting her maturity and independence. She really transformed from a beautiful lady into a wife.


All furniture is fully covered with textured fabric and the spacious area has glass tops that make it even more classy and elegant.


White must be her beautiful color as the kitchen is all-white, making it look clean and ordered.


The bedroom has neutral colors that complement the furniture. The vibe is very welcoming and homie. The ceiling is painted blue with a sky-and-clouds pattern.


The bathroom reflects how she turned from a fine lady into a woman.


If this is my study and workroom, I will be so productive. The color palettes are a good mixed match with colorful accessories that give positive energy.


The walk-in closet is very girly as it is painted pink and white stripes.


This is the area where the actress organized her accessories.


This is the area where Heart paints her masterpiece.

Source: Real Living

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