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The pandemic isn’t slowing any time soon, so people are finding ways to cope. For this kid, studying is still important. She went viral when someone posted her photo on Social Media.

It was a simple photo. But it gave goosebumps to netizens because of its meaning. Many people are scared of what’s going to happen now that there’s a ‘new normal.’

We’re not sure if we can put down the face masks and protective gear and be able to breathe free again. But this young girl, with her simple photo, is showing us that we can still be happy with the simple things.

There’s no date for the start of classes yet. Yet, the young girl is already eager to learn. She was lying down on a boat and reading a book.

She doesn’t appear to worry about the pandemic. And that’s how kids should be right now. There’s too much going on and they don’t need to worry the way we do. They’re young and they can still enjoy their lives even with what’s going on around us.

The photo was an inspiration. Children can still study while at home. Their families can take this time to learn with them while people are confined at home.

The young girl’s name is Hannah Mataverde, and her mother, Virgie Mataverde posted the viral photo. Virgie said that Hannah is a book lover and keen on learning.

Netizens can’t help but admire Hannah for setting an example. Gadgets are fun to use, but reading from real books with pages is still the best way to learn.

Hannah is excited to go back to school that’s why she’s reading and enjoying her surroundings. Virgie is very proud of her daughter for being a good example to other kids.

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