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Manila, Philippines – Do you need to file for late registration of a birth certificate here in the country? You’ll need to follow some processes to do that. Here are some helpful tips for you;

How to File for Late Registration of Birth Certificate 0
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What are the requirements when filing Late Registration of Birth Certificate?


  • Four duly accomplished and signed Certificate of Live Birth
  • Filled-in Affidavit for Delayed Registration. The information will be filled-up by the father, mother or guardian. Basic information like child’s complete name, child’s birth date, father’s name (for an illegitimate child but with acknowledgment from father), date and place of parents’ marriage, and the reason for the delayed filing of birth certificate within the 30-day-period- after birth.
  • Documents like baptismal certificate, school records, income tax return of parent/s, medical records, etc. Child’s name, date, and place of birth or father and mother’s name should be seen in the records to be shown.
  • ‘Affidavit of two disinterested persons’ who saw the birth of the child.


  • Certificate of Marriage for married individuals
  • The same requirements as above

How to file for Late Registration of Birth Certificate?

  • You must go to the Office of the Civil Registrar which you can find in the city hall of the place of birth.
  • Bring all the requirements needed.
  • Wait for the civil registrar to check all your requirements.
  • Wait for the civil registrar to give further instructions.

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It is the right of a child to have a name but if you have a kid and you didn’t file for the birth certificate at once after birth, you can still file for late registration. You owe it to your kid to do this. Just follow the instructions and submit the requirements and wait for the birth certificate to be released.

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