Home News Lawmakers are Planning to Revive the Good Manners and Right Conduct Subject in Schools

Lawmakers are Planning to Revive the Good Manners and Right Conduct Subject in Schools

Lawmakers are Planning to Revive the Good Manners and Right Conduct Subject in Schools
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Lawmakers are planning to revive GMRC (Good Manners and Right Conduct) and make it as a separate subject in the curriculum of Basic Education. GMRC had been removed when the K to 12 program was implemented. It had just been added as part of Social Studies or in another subject related to the subject matter. Representative Salvador B. Belaro, Jr. had authored House Bill No. 6705 which will otherwise be known as “An Act to Revive Good Manners and Right Conduct as a Separate subject in the Basic Education”. This lawmaker believes that it’s high time the youth relearn the proper values and conduct which can be applied in their daily lives.

He further stressed out that the role models of the youth at present have been giving them the wrong signals so to speak. Most of the time they base everything on what they see on the internet and as everyone knows, this can be quite dangerous in honing the values especially of the kids. They can be made to believe that what they read or watch on the net is right and that’s what they can follow. What they see on tv and on social media have been bringing confusion.

Violence and sexual malice have become very open and if these aren’t explained well to the youth, it will have a negative effect. Many times in recent weeks and months, there had been news about kids and teens doing horrible acts. Why do you think this is happening? Aside from the poverty that the country is experiencing, it’s also very obvious that the youth of today are not taught proper values anymore so it’s time to instill back good values to make them grow up to be better individuals. This in turn will also bring a positive effect in the country.

According to Rep. Belaro, if the bill will be passed into law, the Department of Education will have to create a “set menu” lessons which will focus on teaching the students good manners and right conduct. They will also be tasked to plan Implementing Rules and Regulations based on the bill. The lessons will encourage the youth to have respect not just for others and their elders but of themselves as well.

They will also be taught on the values of determination, patience, good faith, hard work, and honesty with their fellow human beings. On the same note, Senator Joseph Victor G. Ejercito has also created Bill No. 1855 which is “An Act to Institutionalize Good Manners and Right Conduct (GMRC) in the School Curriculum.” Furthermore, Sen. Ejercito stressed out that it should be taught in both elementary and secondary levels using the native dialect. The Filipino children should be taught once again how to become a nationalistic and independent citizen. Lastly, it is also a policy of the state to make sure that good manners and right conduct are practiced every citizen.

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