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Do you have a family member or relative working abroad? Do they tell you nice things or the opposite? Every Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) has his own story to tell. Life abroad is not like a stroll in the park, it’s never simple, it’s full of challenges, struggles, and setbacks. Many OFWs are unfortunate to have abusive employers, as seen on the news and different social media networks. Many are also lucky enough to have found good and kind bosses.

Joena Ordinario is an OFW with an inspiring story to share. She worked as a domestic helper abroad for 12 long years and proudly shared a video of her newly renovated house.

This new house is Joena’s gift to her mother. She worked really hard abroad and saved seriously so she can give her mother the best present ever. A dream come true, a wish granted for Joena and her family.

She showed their old house, although it was already concrete, it was too small for her family and the walls are left unpainted. Now their new house is bigger and spacious. The exterior walls are painted in white with an orange accent. The glass windows made the house look modern and it’s also a good choice for it gives natural lighting – a good electricity saver. The kitchen and kitchen fixtures are also expensive, only for her mother.

Although the construction of their new house was postponed for a year, now it’s all finished. Her sacrifices for working abroad were paid off after seeing the beautiful house she built for her mother. Joena inspired many people through her determination and hard work.

Working abroad, away from people you love, can start to take a toll on your emotional and mental health. You have to be strong in all aspects and having an inspiration can help you survive the difficult life overseas. Just like Joena, her dream and her inspiration helped her survive her life away from home.

Watch the video below:


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