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This gasoline boy’s dream house is coming into reality.

What’s your life’s biggest dream? Sounds like a job interview question, right? But many of us can’t decide right away. It seems that it’s a very difficult question to answer. I have asked this question to several people before. Most of them dream of having their own house and lot. Many are still renting a place for their family and they really wanted to have their own humble abode. Who doesn’t want to have a house of his own? I, myself would like to have one day. It doesn’t need to be a mansion, I just want to have a simple yet beautiful house for my family someday.

Igue G. Varra, a 26-year-old gasoline boy earned a lot of praises from people online when he posted his dream house on his social media account. He also included a drawing of his dream house. It has 2 bedrooms, a terrace, bathroom, a simple living room, kitchen, and a dining area.

A total of 22x24ft floor area, he plans to build his dream house in Pampanga. Now he couldn’t believe that his dream is coming true. Just last March 3, 2020, he started building his house with the help of three carpenters. He pays them P500 each every day and with free meals.

He was really happy seeing his dream come to reality. Unfortunately, they had to stop the construction of his house because of the enhanced community quarantine. He spent P50, 000 for the steel trusses and roof materials. He already spent P250, 000 for his dream house.

It’s a huge amount of money for him but it really doesn’t matter if he spent that much since he is building his family a house of their own. Indeed a true inspiration to many people. Your hard work, patience and determination will sure make all of your dreams come true.

Watch the video here:

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