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How to Register as Pag-IBIG Voluntary Member

How to Register as Pag-IBIG Voluntary Member
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Are you a self-employed or unemployed individual? You can be considered as one if you’re not connected with any company or not included in a monthly payroll. For further details and registration online you can read below more on Pag-IBIG Voluntary Member.

Here’s good news for those unemployed and self-employed individual! They can register as a voluntary member of PAG-IBIG. An individual who is 18 years of age and not more than 65 years’ old can register as a voluntary member, provided that they will abide with the rules and regulations.

Who are qualified in Pag-IBIG Voluntary Member?

  • Non-working spouses

Non-working spouses who manage family affairs and household in full time are qualified to register as a voluntary member. But, the working spouse must be a PAG-IBIG member. The requirements include written consent from the working-member spouse, certificate of compensation and employment of the working spouse, and affidavit of unemployment.

  • Self- employed

This include freelancers, consultants, professionals, and owners of small businesses. They should provide the following requirements such as latest ITR certified by a CPA, two 1×1 ID photos, certificate of ESAV/remittance (for old members). For small business owners, they need to submit Mayor’s permit or business permit, and DTI or SEC registration.

  • Self-employed professionals

Professionals who were government licensed to practice their expertise may also register with PAG-IBIG as a voluntary member. The requirements needed include the latest ITR for the previous year, BAR/PRC license, certificate of ESAV or remittance, and two 1×1 ID photos.

  • Overseas Filipino Workers

OFWs who are reactivating members of PAG-IBIG can register as a voluntary member. They need to submit the latest contract of employment bearing the POEA original stamp, passport, POEA license, two 1×1 ID photos, ESAV or certificate of remittance. In case a representative will submit the requirements and pay the contributions, a Special Power of Attorney must be provided.

  • Self-paying employee

If you are employed but choose to pay your PAG-IBIG contributions on your own, you are qualified as a voluntary member. You need to submit certificate of compensation and employment, company ID, and latest pay slip.

How to register online as Pag-IBIG Member?

  1. Log in to https://www.pagibigfundservices.com/
  2. Click “online services” and proceed to membership registration
  3. Click “new member” and “continue”
  4. Provide the required information such as new member info, address, contact, member category, heirs, and employment history.
  5. Before clicking the “submit registration”, review all the information.
  6. After submitting the registration, you’ll receive the registration tracking number through email or text message. Make sure to keep the number as you’ll need it again when you visit the website.
  7. Clicking the “view registration information” box you’ll find the PAG-IBIG MID number. Copy it as it is important when you make your first PAG-IBIG contribution.

Being a PAG-IBIG member allows you to avail and enjoy the benefits offered by the agency.

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