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2019 PhilHealth Contribution Table and Payment Schedule

2019 PhilHealth Contribution Table and Payment Schedule
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Life nowadays has become so busy that you would usually hear this line, “bawal magkasakit”. Most of the time, you’d be thinking that you can’t get sick because of the bills that you have to pay. Additional expenses for medicines and even hospitalization will be a big burden. But since life has also become very stressful, it would be convenient to know that there’s “someone” who can assist you.

Being a member of PhilHealth (Philippine Health Insurance Corporation) gives you peace of mind if you become sick. You have to make sure you’re paying the premiums religiously. Take note that to avail of the benefits, there should have been a payment of at least nine months.

Philhealth Contributions Table for Formal Sector (Employed Members)

These are the members that are employed either in the private or government sector. In January 2018, Philhealth premiums have increased as per PhilHealth Circular No. 2017-024. The contribution rate was increased to 2.75% based on the basic salary per month. Salary floor amounts to Php10k and the ceiling amount is Php40K where the premium is equally shared by both the employer and employee.

For domestic workers, contributions are solely shouldered by their employers. This is in accordance with RA 10361 otherwise known as the “Domestic Workers Act”. But if the domestic worker or kasambahay is earning Php5k or more, he/she will have to pay employee share.

Monthly Salary Premium Employee Share Employer Share
Php10,000 & below Php275.00 Php137.50 Php137.50
Php10,001 – Php39,999.99 Php275.00 -1,099.99 Php137.50 –549.99 Php137.50 -549.99
Php40,000 & above Php1,000.00 550.00 550.00

Philhealth Contributions Table for Informal Sector (Self-Employed or Voluntary)

These are the members that are paying out of their own pocket. They are the doctors, businessmen, lawyers, and freelancers. They have the option to choose from quarterly, semi-annual, or annual mode of payment.

Monthly Income Monthly Premium Yearly Premium
Php25,000 & below Php200.00 Php2,400.00
More than ₱25,000 Php300.00 Php3,600.00

OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers)

These are the land-based OFWs or under the OWP (Overseas Workers Program. They have the option to pay a yearly contribution of Php2,400 or semi-annual payment of Php1,200.

Sea-based OFWs include fishermen, cruise ship personnel, and seafarers. The rate of their contribution is based on their monthly salary.

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These are the payment channels for OFWs;

  • CIS Bayad Center
  • iRemit, Inc.
  • Development Bank of the Philippines
  • Ventaha International Corporation
  • Bank of Commerce
  • They can also pay online.

Contribution Rates for Sponsored Members

Contributions paid by government agencies, private organizations, and another individual are considered sponsored members. These are the members coming from the informal economy. They are from the lower income sector, abandoned children, battered women (under DSWD care), senior citizens, barangay tanods & health workers,  and unenrolled indigent women about to give birth and orphans.

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The premium payment contribution is Php2,400/year. The said members will be entitled to an accredited in-patient hospital and outpatient health services. The Z Benefit Package is included in this benefit.

Payment Schedule

Contributions can be paid at any accredited collecting partner. This includes BancNet member banks and Bayad Centers nationwide.

It is mandatory for employers to remit the contributions of their employees including the employer’s share at any collection partner of PhilHealth.

The employers are required to use the EPRS (Electronic Premium Remittance System) which is a web-based app that is used to access employment information, payment premiums, and preparation & submission of their report of remittance.

Employer’s Payment Schedule
Employers with PENs ending in 0-4 Every 11th-15th day of the month following the applicable period
Employers with PENs ending in 5-9 Every 16th-20th day of the month following the applicable period


Individually Paying Member’s Payment Schedule
Monthly Pay until the last working day of the month being paid for. (Example: Month: January. Deadline: January 31)
Quarterly Pay until the last working day of the quarter being paid for. (Example: Period: January to March. Deadline: March 31)
Semi-annually Pay until the last working day of the first quarter of the semester being paid for. (Example: Period: January to June. Deadline: March 31)
Annually Pay until the last working day of the first quarter of the year being paid for. (Example: Period: January to December. Deadline: March 31

For any concerns, you may call the PhilHealth 24/7 hotline, (02)441-7442 or you may send an email to [email protected]

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