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Tips to Determine if the Philippine Banknote is Genuine

Tips to Determine if the Philippine Banknote is Genuine
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Every peso regardless of denomination is a product of hard work. That’s why it is essential to ensure that the banknote we receive is genuine. It is apparent that there are banknotes circulating that are fake. That’s why the BSP or the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas is reiterating its reminder to everyone to be mindful in checking each banknote.

image credit: news.mb.com.ph

To ensure the veracity of the Philippine peso bill, the BSP has taken the necessary measure by using the new technology. The new released Philippine banknote has security features and upgraded designs. If you will notice the Philippine banknotes are a little bit rough because the materials used in producing the banknote are Philippine abaca and cotton.

Methods in checking the authenticity of the Philippine banknote

  • Feel method

To determine if the banknote is not fake you should check if the paper is rough. The security paper is rough because it is made from Philippine abaca and cotton material. Likewise, you can also feel the embossed prints.

  • Look method

Some of the features that you should look for in a banknote is the embossed prints, see-through marks, asymmetric serial number, security fiber, and the watermark.  You can see the watermark when you view the bill against the light. The shadow shows the banknote’s denomination and the portrait’s image. The serial numbers are designed asymmetrically composed of six to seven digit and two prefix letters.

  • Tilt method

Tilting the banknote down you will see the concealed value. Likewise, when you tilt the 50-peso and 20-peso banknote you will see the security thread embedded on it. You can also see the metallic security thread 4mm wide in 100, 200, 500, and 1,000 peso banknotes. The BSP initials are located at the thread along with the repeated series of the numeric denomination. At the rear part of the security threads, you will see the initials of BSP.


The new generation of banknotes has reflective foil in which the image of the Blue-naped parrot and the small BSP logo is printed. If in case you receive a banknote having unusual and doubtful features, you can present it to any BSP office near you.

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