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What are the Prohibited Acts During the Election Day

What are the Prohibited Acts During the Election Day
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As the 2019 election is fast approaching, it is important for all the concerned individuals to know what to do and not to do during the election day. This is not only for the candidates but also for the supporters and voters.

What are the Prohibited Acts During the Election Day 0
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Here are the acts that should be avoided as mandated by the Commission on Election or COMELEC:


As stated in Section 5 of RA No. 7166, each category of candidate has a specific period for campaigning such as:

  • Candidates for president, vice-president, and senators are given 90 days to campaign prior to the election day.
  • Provincial candidates, congressmen, municipal and city officials have 45 days to conduct a campaign.

Selling, buying, offering, taking or serving intoxicating liquor

  • These acts are prohibited a day or during the election day as stated by the law. However, establishments with Ministry of Tourism certificates catering to foreign tourists are exempted by the law.

Providing free transportation, giving, or accepting anything of value

  • Any candidate, organization, political party, or any person are not allowed to offer or accept anything of value, directly or indirectly during the election day. Those acts are not allowed during a public meeting or a day before the election.

Voting on behalf of another person

  • It is prohibited to vote more than once and on behalf of another person whether with the consent or without.

Another prohibition that should not be practiced by the concerned individuals is doing any propaganda to solicit votes within the polling place. It is stated in the Omnibus election Code under Section 266.  Likewise, vendors are not allowed to sell refreshments or any merchandise within 30 meters from the venue during the election day.

In addition, other activities like boxing, cockfights, horse races, and other similar sports are prohibited during the election day.

This is a reminder not only to the candidates but to all the Filipino citizens.

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