Home News Maiden Name Act – Married Women to Retain and Use their Maiden Name

Maiden Name Act – Married Women to Retain and Use their Maiden Name

Maiden Name Act – Married Women to Retain and Use their Maiden Name
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In the past, once a woman gets married, she will carry her husband’s surname until the end of time. But those times have passed because nowadays, couples separate easily and have their marriage nullified. When this happens, the woman would want to carry her maiden surname instead. As everyone might have noticed though that women still use the surname of their husbands because it is still dictated by law

Good news is; Senator Binay and Congresswoman Gloria Macapagal Arroyo had filed separate bills in the Senate and Congress allowing women to drop the surnames of their husbands. CGMA filed the bill to seek women empowerment and enable women to use their maiden name even without having to undergo court proceedings.

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House Bill No. 6082 which is called “Reversion to Maiden Name Act”, will allow a woman to drop the husband’s surname after nullity of marriage, divorce in another country, and legal separation with just an administrative process through the Office of the Civil Registrar. CGMA’s bill eliminates the expensive and tiring process of court procedures.

These are the situations that allow a woman to use her maiden name again;

  • Court declaration of Legal Separation with no interest of reconciling with partner
  • Annulment
  • Court decision declaring property separation
  • If the petitioner has been abandoned or separated from husband for not less than ten years
  • The husband had been presumed dead pursuant to the conditions, circumstances, and period that have been stated in the Rules of Court and the Civil Code of the Philippines. The bill furthermore grants the Department of Justice, Office of the Supreme Court Administrator, Civil Registrar General, and Department of Foreign Affairs the power to set the guideline and rules for the implementation of this matter.
  • If it was predetermined in the marriage settlement that the separation of their properties will be administered in the property relations

Senator Binay has also filed a similar bill on August 7, 2017; Senate Bill No. 1547 or will be known as Reversion to Maiden Name Act.

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