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Senior Citizen Discounts and Privileges You may not be Aware of

Senior Citizen Discounts and Privileges You may not be Aware of
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Are you about to reach senior age? Many may get sad about reaching old age; anxious how life would be at that time. You might also be concern about your health among other things. But do you know that being a senior citizen comes with many benefits? It’s not just the usual discount on medicines and from food establishments but there’s a lot more.

Other Senior Citizen Discounts and Privileges

  • Discount on Electric and Water Bills

If the electric and water bill is registered under your name, you will be entitled to a five percent discount. This is as long as your monthly consumption will not be more than 30m for water and 100 kWh for electricity.

  • Dental and Medical Services

As a senior citizen, you are entitled to these services for free. This also includes diagnostic and laboratory fees for CT Scans, blood tests, X-rays in all government hospitals and facilities. There is also a free vaccination against pneumonia and influenza for the indigent senior citizen.

  • Sea and Air Transportation

It’s a common knowledge that there are discounts in public utility vehicles such as jeepneys, buses, AUVs, trains, and buses. But aside from these, there are discounts on sea and airfares too. Philippine Airline and Cebu Pacific give discounts on senior citizens too.

  • Hotels and other Recreational Places

As a senior citizen, you are entitled to a discount of about Php600-1,800 when checking in at hotels. There are also discounts in amusement parks such as Star City (Pasay), Enchanted Kingdom (Laguna), Sky Ranch (Tagaytay), among others.

  • Scholarship

If you want to pursue your studies even if you’re already a senior citizen, there are scholarship grants available for you. This includes subsidies, incentives and financial aids. Of course, you have to meet the minimum requirements for admission in secondary, tertiary, post tertiary, technical, or vocational education. You can also enroll short termed courses in both private and public schools.

  • Exemption on Tax

If you’re still employed, you’re entitled to an Income Tax exemption as long as you are a minimum wage earner and in accordance with Republic Act No. 9504.

  • Movies

Cinemas in Metro Manila offer a free movie day for senior citizens. You just have to check what the free movie day is in your location to avail of this chance. It’s been noted that seniors can watch 2 movies every Monday and Tuesday and it’s free.

  • Free Parking

Malls in Quezon City offer free parking. Just show your Senior Citizen ID to the guard. There are some malls that offer first 2 hrs. of parking for free so better check with the parking attendant.

  • Express Lanes

There are express lanes that are provided for senior citizens in hotels, public restrooms, supermarkets, and even in banks and other establishments. This is to help them avoid standing in line for a long time.

  • Social Pension

The Department of Social Welfare and Development had granted a Php500.00 monthly pension to indigent senior citizens. This may not be a big amount but will at least help them in some of their basic needs.

  • PhilHealth Coverage

Senior citizens automatically become members of PhilHealth and will be entitled to the privileges given to paying members.

  • Death Benefit

Senior citizens are entitled to discounts on their funeral and burial services. This will be claimed by their beneficiary or by anyone who had shouldered the expenses for the funeral and burial.

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It is important that senior citizens will be aware of these additional benefits that are mandated by law. You, as a senior citizen, should always check out what your benefits are.

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