Home Guides Simple Guide in Sending and Packing Packages for Your Family

Simple Guide in Sending and Packing Packages for Your Family

Simple Guide in Sending and Packing Packages for Your Family
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Are you a first-time Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW)? This may be your first time to pack you things or you’re already abroad and you need to send packages. Here are some tips that can help your pack things better.

These tips can help you if you don’t have any experience in packing. It can also help you secure the valuables you’re packing. Happy packing!

Things You Should Do in Sending and Packing Packages

  • Make a list of all the things you’re packing for your family and send one copy to them so they know what they’re going to receive
  • Pack fragile things in a more secure way
  • Make sure you use the correct box for packing
  • Put correct labels on every balikbayan box you’re sending
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Making A List

Especially when you’re packing a lot, making a list ensures that everything will be inside the box you’re packing. A checklist is also a way to track the items you’re sending. This makes sure that nothing will get lost or in the instance it does, you can file a complain because you have evidence. Make sure you take photos too.

Packing Fragile Things

You must use bubble wrap or packing material that is safe especially when what you’re packing might spill. You can also pack breakable items inside the t-shirts you’ll send your loved ones. Doing this can help you protect breakable items.

Using the Right Kind of Box

Remember to choose the right-sized box because a bigger box means you’ll pay bigger fees. Practice your analytical skills so you can more or less estimate which kind of box to choose. Another thing worth mentioning is that it’s better to not put bulky items like appliances in balikbayan boxes because of the space they take up.

These are the four most common balikbayan boxes you can choose from.

  • 1 cu./ft./ 12X12X12 inches mini box
  • 3 cu./ft/ 18X18X16 inches medium box
  • 4.5 cu./ft/ 18X18X24 inches large box
  • 6 cu./ft/ 24X18X24 inches jumbo or extra large box

Putting Labels Can Help You

Make sure that before you send your package, you already put labels like the names of recipients, address and whichever it is the courier asks you to. This ensures that the recipient/s will get the package you sent. Putting the correct labels will make looking for it easier in case it gets lost.

Transact with a Reputable Courier

There are a lot of couriers notorious for stolen or lost packages. Don’t be a victim of their antics and choose a courier who’s known to give the best service to their loyal customers. You want the package you sent to reach its destination so choose wisely.

Final Thoughts

Filipinos put their heart and sweat to send things back home which make their families happy. If you’re an OFW, everybody knows that you work hard for your family and you want to send them something special during the holidays or on special occasions. Do it, but, with caution. Pack smartly and choose the right courier for you. After all, what you’re sending is the result of blood, sweat, and tears.

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