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How to Apply for a Solo Parent ID

How to Apply for a Solo Parent ID
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It’s not easy being a solo parent especially here in the Philippines. Aside from not having someone to help you raise your child, the most prevalent problem is the financial side. It’s a good thing that R.A. No. 8972 was created because it will be a big help for the solo parents and even to their children. This law gives them several perks that will help them go along. But to be able to enjoy this, they should have a Solo Parent ID.

How to Qualify as a Solo Parent

  • When the spouse dies
  • When the spouse is physically or mentally incapable (should be certified by a doctor)
  • Spouse is serving imprisonment for not less than a year.
  • Legally separated or annulled and has full custody of the children
  • Unwed mother/father who has custody of the child/children
  • Family member who’s taken full responsibility to take care of the children which came as a result of disappearance, abandonment, or death of the biological parents.
  • A rape victim who has decided to keep her child.

Solo Parent Benefits

  • Educational scholarships and services from CHED, DepEd, DOST, and TESDA.
  • Healthcare benefits from the DOH
  • Housing benefits from LGUs and NHA
  • Tax incentives
  • Parental leave

Requirements for Solo Parent ID

Applicants must go to the regional or city DSWD office and submit the following;

  • Barangay Certificate which states your residence status for the last 6 months and you status as a single parent
  • Death certificate of spouse (if applicable) ad birth certificate of the children
  • Certified documents showing your personal income

*Once a social worker has reviewed the documents and they’re found to be legit, there will be a designated case number that will be given to you which will be registered in the Solo Parent registry logbook. Once approved, the ID can be claimed after thirty days and will be valid for one year. It can be renewed after submitting updated documents.

Breaking News: Proposed Bill says spouses of OFWs to Considered as Solo Parents and Entitled for Benefits

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