Home Tech Entertainment Take Tour on Pops Fernandez Elegant Modern Kitchen in Her Modern Asian-Inspire House

Take Tour on Pops Fernandez Elegant Modern Kitchen in Her Modern Asian-Inspire House

Take Tour on Pops Fernandez Elegant Modern Kitchen in Her Modern Asian-Inspire House
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Concert Queen Pop Fernandez welcomes her fans through a virtual tour of her home in Taguig City. The multi-level Asian-styled home is Pops’ treasured possession. It’s A for effortless!

image credit to pops fernandez | ig

Pops’ kitchen may be the room in the house with the most traffic. She shared that she likes to whip up meals from scratch and added that she enlists her sons, Robin and Ram as her taste testers. The concert queen exclaimed eating together is bonding time for them. It also makes her happy when the two likes what she prepares.

The three are foodies. That’s why they like spending time together while eating midnight snacks. Pops said that eating is a way to enjoy life, especially when traveling. She added the excitement of adventure eating.

Going back to her house, the property is a 300-sqm Asian modern house with natural light. Wooden and glass elements are also seen throughout the house. Pops bought this with furniture included. The best part of living there is being at the center of key areas in the Metro.

Her house has an open floor setting. There are no dividers that separate the living and dining areas. These areas are extra spacious. Natural lighting also allows her and her guests a view of the garden.

Pops also placed tall potted plants. The addition makes the living area bright and huge. It also gives a resort appeal.

Pops displays her love of red color by replacing worn-out white leather dining chair upholstery with red fabric. You’ll notice a red sculpture by the console table in her dining room. This complements the red dining set.

Initially, Pops wanted a square dining table. Yet, she decided to use the existing rectangular set when she learned it was from Calligaris which is a furniture store in that area.

As a way to tone down the red color throughout the area, Pops put some glass accessories on display. An abstract wall painting completed the look. Many of Pops’ displays are from her mother, Dulce Lukban. Two of these are painting and sculpture.



As with the kitchen, Pops says it’s a nice area even if she bought the place looking like as is. She is happy that she can serve her sons, food she prepared straight from cooking to the counter. This makes their bonding moments more intimate.

Her kitchen is not only spacious but also well-equipped. There’s a U-shaped island that makes gatherings more thoughtful. She’s got a wall oven accented by black cabinets.

The kitchen also follows the black and red house color. Pops’ bar stools are in red, making meals with her cozier. For her dinnerware, Pops has frosted cabinets above the sink. Yellow lights turn on when she opens the cabinets.

The kitchen and foyer are separated by a blank wooden wall.

Pops stays true to her style. She’s all about class, sophistication while keeping her home comfortable. It’s also nice to know she likes to cook despite her busy schedule.

What do you think of the Asian-inspire house of Pops Fernandez? Please share in the comments.

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