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This Guy Paid for His Girlfriend’s Tuition, Now She Graduates a Cum Laude

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When we are young, we dream about being successful. We want an impressive career, earn more money than we can imagine, be happy, find love, or get married. But the truth is, not everyone becomes lucky. Some people can’t go to school.

image via Blessy Parreño | Facebook

For a woman named Blessy Parreño, came from a marginalized community in Capiz, Philippines. She didn’t have the money for school. But her boyfriend Martin helped her.

She mentioned that her loving boyfriend did everything to support her studies. He worked as a construction worker and cook. Today, he is working as a Mang Inasal OIC.

Martin did everything to help Blessy reach for her dreams. She went to Capiz State University. Some people looked down on them. But they proved everyone wrong because Blessy graduated as a Cum Laude.

image via Blessy Parreño | Facebook

Blessy’s post became viral. And everyone was in awe with their love story. They admired Martin for his hard work and love for Blessy.

With hard work, this couple’s dream will happen. They both know the value of responsibility and their love for each other will fuel their drive to succeed. We don’t see amazing couples like them every day!

Some people may not be born rich. Yet, they know what to do to accomplish their goals. It won’t be an easy road to take, but they will learn life’s greatest lesson than being mouth-fed with riches and fame.

image via Blessy Parreño | Facebook

Kudos to Blessy and Martin! May we be like you; responsible, hard-working, and knows how to appreciate the people who care for you. It’s easy to leave each other when the going gets tough. But, it shows that love still conquers all.

There are still good people, and these are real stories. What do you think of this story?

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