Home News Using Gadgets While Walking to Ban in Baguio City

Using Gadgets While Walking to Ban in Baguio City

Using Gadgets While Walking to Ban in Baguio City
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As the newly elected officials of Baguio City start their first day, a plan of proposing a new city ordinance has come up. This will be called Anti-Distracted Pedestrian Decree. Under the ordinance, the use of gadgets by pedestrians will be banned when they are crossing a street. This is to ensure that they will be free from distractions and avoid the possibility of getting into an accident. The gadgets that will be banned were not specified yet but it will surely include mobile phones.

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Having said this, the residents and tourists in Baguio City will have to stop using their phones when they are strolling the busy streets of Magsaysay Avenue, Bonifacio, Country Club Drive, Assumption, South Drive, and Session Road.


  • For first-time violators, he/she will have to render community service for fifteen days
  • For the second offense, it will require thirty days of community service
  • If a violator has done it for at least 3x, there will be a Php5K fine and he/she will go to jail.


  • Emergency responders will be exempted if they are using gadgets while performing their duties.
  • Calling or texting when there is an emergency

If this ordinance will be approved by the City Council, it will help in preventing possible accidents especially for those that have become so addicted in checking out their social media accounts even when they are crossing the street. Being busy with mobile phones had become one of the most common reasons for the accidents on the road, not only for pedestrians but for motorists as well. Passing the ordinance might help people become aware of the dangers that addiction to gadgets had been bringing to many. Gadgets especially mobile phones have become helpful especially in times of emergency but its misuse only bring trouble.

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