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An old farmer turns a nearby pro-football field into his vegetable farm! The old farmer lives in Makassar, Indonesia. He wasn’t able to visit his farm because of government restrictions because of the pandemic situation.

He saw the possibility of the area while there won’t be anybody going to that place any time soon. Even the staff couldn’t go there during the lockdown. So,  he planted rows of vegetables.

The pandemic may have affected many lives. But the vegetable farm is thriving! The old farmer can already harvest some of his crops while still waiting for the others.

The old farmer also wanted to give the staff some of his harvests. After all, the owners of the field are doing him a favor for now. The PSM Makassar football team owns the field. They call it the Stadium Mattoanging.

It’s still under contract, though, Muhlis Mallajareng, secretary of the stadium is undecided if they will let the old farmer make the field his temporary farm.

Some netizens said what the farmer did is not legal. However, they were amazed by what he did. For now, the old farmer is enjoying his “farm.”

It’s a great thing that this old farmer thought of a way to grow crops. With the prices of commodities being higher than ever, many people are forced to look for ways to have food on the table three times a day.

The old farmer is keeping safe staying near his home while still being able to harvest fresh ingredients.

Let’s hope the management of the football field allows him to make the place a farm for now. The pandemic isn’t going away right now. Truth is more and more people are still getting affected.


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So, the most important thing is survival and having enough healthy foods to keep someone immune from the virus.

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