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Ways to Avoid Illegal Recruiters

Ways to Avoid Illegal Recruiters
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Scared of illegal recruiters? You better be! These are people who will trick you that you can go abroad when you pay them. They will offer irresistible jobs that don’t exist. It’s hard not to believe these people because they will make it look like their offers are true. Many people fall for their trap but be wise enough to recognize them before you give your money away.

Illegal Recruiters are people or agencies that don’t have licenses. There are a lot of them looking for their next victims. This comprehensive report is about Illegal Recruiters. It also lists the tips that the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) gives to future OFWs so that they don’t become victims. These are the things that you should remember.

  1. Go to Licensed Recruitment Agencies

Whatever you do, don’t look for the ‘fast way’ to going abroad. You will only feel disappointed when you learn that the agency you’re talking to doesn’t have license. The first step is to look for agencies that have licenses. Even license can be a sham so you still need to verify if what they’re showing you is real.

2. Listen to POEA Advises

Don’t do under-the-table deals. Always verify with the POEA if a ‘recruiter’ is telling the truth about a certain job abroad. A legal job opening will have an ‘approved JO’ (Job order). Another thing worth mentioning is that most illegal recruiters don’t have extensive knowledge about job openings in other countries.

3. Go to Authorized Agencies

Illegal Recruiters will sweet talk you. They will make you believe that what they’re trying to sell to you is real. These ‘real jobs’ that need to go under-the-table are illegal. You might feel drawn to their offers but don’t give in. Remember that you can get real jobs from real companies. Their fees may be higher or the process can be longer but you’re assured that you can go abroad.

4. About Payments

The only allowable placement fee is the first-month salary. There are some cases when charging for placement fee is not even allowed. You can sign these fees but only after signing an employment contract. You also need to ask for an official receipt where the total amount paid by you is written.

It’s also important to note that real agencies won’t ask for immediate payments of the airfares, intended visa, and processing costs. You can pay this after you have a job offer.

5. About Working Visa

Getting a work visa or permit is a prerequisite for getting job offers. Some illegal recruiters tell their victims to get a tourist or visit visa but getting a work visa is more appropriate so you can get the right and legal job. It’ also better to transact with government offices and personnel to avoid fixers and illegal recruiters.

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Final Thoughts

Illegal recruiters are everywhere and they will lure you to deal with them but choose licensed recruitment agencies when looking for jobs abroad. It may take longer but no one will steal your money when working with these agencies. Also, listen to what the government has to say about the matter. they have your wellbeing in mind and they don’t want you to become a victim. Happy job hunting!

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