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A bill authored by Senator Sonny Angara has been filed in the Senate. The bill is favorable to public school teachers in which it seeks to reduce the optional retirement age.  The required retirement age of public school teachers is 60. If Senate Bill No. 1872 will be approved, the retirement age would be at age 55.

Bill Seeking to Reduce the Optional Retirement Age at 55 for Public School Teachers



Bill Seeking to Reduce the Optional Retirement Age at 55 for Public School Teachers 0

It is explained in the bill that in spite of the apparent shortage of teachers in the country, it is important to give humane consideration and respect to the hardworking educators. Allowing them to retire at age 55 is just and humane.

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Being a teacher and an educator is not an easy job. That’s why it’s essential to pay attention to improving their quality of life. Hence, it is also the key to improve the country’s quality of education. Serving as a public school teacher is overwhelming not to mention the workloads that they need to accomplish.

As stated in the UNESCO data, it is said that the working conditions of the teachers in the Philippines are depressing as compared to other countries in the world. That’s why Senator Angara aims to improve the education sector.

Angara’s father was also a teacher that’s why he is aware of the underlying concerns of teachers. Public school teachers were loaded with multiple tasks and longer working hours. In fact, public school teachers are working even during weekends and vacation.

Due to the overwhelming working conditions of the teachers, many of them desire to apply for early retirement prior to reaching the age of 60. Through this bill, teachers are given high value in the society and this is also a way of giving gratitude for their hard work.

The bill is being reviewed by the Senate committee on civil service, professional regulation, and government reorganization.

Another Senate Bill that Senator Angara is the author is the bill seeking the increase of salary for the public school teachers. Once approved, teachers will receive a minimum of Php42,000 monthly salary.

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