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Amended DepEd Overtime Guidelines Take Effect on May 1, 2019

Amended DepEd Overtime Guidelines Take Effect on May 1, 2019
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The DepEd (Department of Education) has released their new guidelines amending their policies on overtime services and pay which will take effect on the 1st of May, 2019. The new guideline, DO 005 series of 2019 dated April 10, 2019 is also called, “Policies and Guidelines on Overtime Services and Payment in the Department of Education”.

Under the DO these are the new guidelines in granting overtime services;

  • Under Item No. 5 of Section D, the Bureau or Office Heads should secure their authority to render overtime services from the Division Chiefs of the Schools Division or Regional Director and in Central Offices, their authority should be approved and signed by the Office or Bureau Head. The request to render overtime services should be on a monthly basis.
  • Item No. 6 of Section D states that Overtime services can only take effect once it has been signed by the concerned Undersecretary or Assistant Secretary and for Central Offices, the Regional Director should be the one to give authority.
  • The highest Official handling the organizational units should be the one to consent the request for authority to render overtime services.
  • The other provisions in DO No. 30 series of 2016 will still take effect.
  • This Order will be in effect starting May 1, 2019.

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Inclusions in the request to render overtime services

  • Reason/s for rendering overtime services
  • Names, designations, and tasks to be done
  • Justification on the need to render OT

DO No. 30 series of 2016 was created in accordance with the Joint Circular No. 1 series of 2015 dated 25 Nov. 2015 of the DBM (Department of Budget and Management) and CSC (Civil Service Commission) and entitled as “Policies and Guidelines on Overtime Services and Overtime Pay for Government Employees”.

Activities that can be claimed for Overtime Pay

  • For the completion of projects that has a deadline but was not met due to some unavoidable circumstances
  • For implementing priority projects and programs that are included in Presidential directives and have a specific completion date
  • Essential public duties in times of critical situations that need instant response.
  • Rehabilitation, relief, reconstruction, and other related services during disasters and calamities
  • Preparation of financial, special, or accountability reports that are required by agencies like the Office of the President, Department of Budget and Management, Commission on Audit, National Economic and Development Authority, and Congress of the Philippines
  • Seasonal work like preparation of annual reports and budget preparation that have specific deadlines
  • Services exceeding the official working hours and days rendered by immediate staff and drivers of the top officials of a government agency
  • Other activities that are needed in order to keep up with the performance targets and services that need to be delivered to the public

Other Guidelines

For regular work days, the employee can render at least two hours beyond official time except in the case of services rendered by drivers. OT on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays/non-working days shall be from 8 am to 5 pm.

Overnight OT shall only be approved when there is an extreme need for it and an employee is only allowed to render the same for 2 consecutive nights only. This is to ensure that employee’s health won’t be affected and for better productivity.

The day to day activities of employees shall be the responsibility of the Division Chiefs or Office Heads. They may allow/disallow staff under their direct supervision to render OT services during weekends and holidays/non-working days.

The employee can’t render OT services if he/she reported late for work. The claim for overtime pay should be supported with the approved request to render OT, DTR, and Accomplishment Report stating the actual work/s completed for the month.

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