Home Tech Entertainment Carmina Villarroel and Zoren Legaspi Shows their Wonderful House in Pasig

Carmina Villarroel and Zoren Legaspi Shows their Wonderful House in Pasig

Carmina Villarroel and Zoren Legaspi Shows their Wonderful House in Pasig
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The Legaspi family opened their house in Pasig City so the public might be able to see their wonderful household. During one interview in Yes! Magazine, Zoren said that he and his wife, Carmina Villarroel imbibe the jolly nature of their twins, Cassy and Mavy. They treat their kids as friends. Regarding their house, he said that the beauty of their house is beyond aesthetics. The beauty of their house is not in its physical aspects but on the energy that goes inside it. Zoren said that he told the twins that a house can never be home if there’s no room for communication. The harmony in the house depends on how they treat each other. Carmina also said that they just want a super happy family.

Their house is very cozy and warm. They didn’t hire the services of an interior designer for the beautification of their house. Carmina loves to collect home magazines so their living room turned out to be like a home journal.

Receiving Area


The area is filled with neutral-colored seating pieces including the hammock sofa. There are two sets of a sofa; one near the staircase and the other one is beside the door together with the hammock sofa. There’s a black center table which holds some décor pieces.


The area is filled with an orange color and it has gray seating pieces. An entertainment system is placed on the wall. The area is quite dark making it appealing for movie bonding time.

Mavy’s Bedroom

Mavy’s bedroom is a typical boy’s room. The walls are colored green and yellow. Beside the bed is Mavy’s space for his computer. On top of it and the bed is the shelves where some of his toys and CDs are stored together.

Cassy’s Bedroom

The bedroom of Cassy, if you’ll notice, is a reverse of her twin’s room. It has the same placements as the shelves on the other room. It is a typical girl’s room painted in pink and yellow. It has lots of dolls and stuff toys along with other girly stuff.

Master’s Bedroom

The room is spacious and cozy. It has a king-sized bed and a wide-screen TV. It’s a simple room and the dark-colored floor gives a dramatic look to the bedroom.


The attic was turned into a closet and shared by the couple. This is where they store their clothes, bags, and shoes.


They have a beautiful garden where they can bond together to have breakfast and talk about their plans for the day.

Unfortunately, they had to transfer to another house after typhoon Ondoy hit the city hard. Photos from Pep.ph (thanks)

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