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Jennylyn Mercado’s Spacious and Luxurious House in Q.C

Jennylyn Mercado’s Spacious and Luxurious House in Q.C
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Jennylyn Mercado rose to fame after being the first-ever grand prize winner of GMA 7’s Starstruck. Projects came one after the other and her spacious house in Quezon City might as well be one of the fruits of her labor. Jennylyn was able to purchase the property just in time when she was scouting for a new house during the time that the actress wanted to start over again.

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She had it renovated to transform it into the modern home that it is today. She wanted it to be filled with carefully planned pieces and should also be elegant and comfortable at the same time. The actress’ Quezon City house looks like an apartment in New York City. From being an ordinary-looking house, it was transformed into a relaxing and welcoming home where she can rest after a day’s work.

Foyer & Dining Area

The foyer is somewhat like a preview of what the house has to offer; relaxing and comfy. It has two pieces of upholstered, high-back chairs and a console table in between. There’s a stylish Illuminati chandelier which adds to the elegance of the area.

The 10-seater dining area is a picture of elegance and comfort. The seating pieces that match the wooden table are upholstered and in cool colors.

Living Area

The actress’ talent in music was developed after joining Starstruck thus explaining why she has an acoustic guitar and baby grand piano beside the staircase. On the other side is the living area which will give visitors a relaxing feel. Natural lights stream in through the windows. It has a tufted couch, ottoman, and accent chairs; all colored beige. The striped area rug adds color to the area.

Besides the piano is the powder room that is used by the guests. It has mosaic tiles and to keep it smelling fresh and clean the whole day, a reed diffuser is being used.

Kitchen Area

This area is equipped with first-class appliances and being the spacious kitchen that it is, there are plenty of storage areas. The kitchen has small and big appliances which can make cooking easier.

Guest Room & Den


There’s an extra room on the 1st floor which also serves as an area where the actress and her guests can watch TV. The guest room has a bathroom. It’s spacious with wall-mounted shelves that keep the toiletries organized. It also has a glass-enclosed space for the shower.

The den has a 3-piece reclining chair which would remind guests of the seats in cinemas. The landing area of the stairs holds photos of Jennylyn, her son, and Mommy Lydia. There are also snapshots of her training, races, and travels.

Son’s Bedroom

The actress’ only child, Alex Jazz’s bedroom is a typical little boy’s room. The furnishings are Star Wars-themed and several shelves that hold the different toy collections of the boy.

Jennylyn’s Bedroom

Jen’s bedroom is much different from the theme of the other parts of the house. Her room is somewhat masculine; designed by Rossy Yabut-Rosales of Heim Interiors. It’s a take-off from London and New York City apartments. There are entrancing light pieces which give the room a warm glow. There’s a painting by Benedicto “BenCab” Cabrera, National Artist for Visual Arts which hangs just above the actress’ bed. Everything in the room was custom-made except for the bed. There’s a study table on one part which serves as a working area and an entertainment area which holds her wide TV. Jen also has a gaming console aside from a turntable and a collection of vinyl records.

Her bikes which were used in different races are hanged on her bedroom walls. One bike was made in Italy and was used by the actress in a memorable race in Bataan. There’s a pink-dyed tufted couch bought from My Apartment.

She has a spa-like bathroom complete with a corner tub, open shower area, and a double sink.

Walk-in Closet

The bathroom is connected to the walk-in closet making it easy for the actress to go from the bathroom to the closet or vice versa. Mirror lights complete the vanity nook together with the high chair. On one part of the walk-in closet are her shoes and other must-haves. Everything is grouped and neatly placed on the shelves.

source: YES! 

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