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DOLE to Cover Employment Salary Who Undergoes 14-Day Quarantine

DOLE to Cover Employment Salary Who Undergoes 14-Day Quarantine
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The Department of Labor and Employment is shouldering the salaries of employees affected by 14-day quarantine. Regular employees are qualified for this benefit and they can their salary if they don’t have any leave credits left.

To qualify, regular employees must submit documents to support their claim. They can also ask a memo from their employer stating they will undergo the 14-day quarantine.

Labor Secretary Silvestre Belo III confirmed the employee benefits during a DZMM Teleradyo interview. He added that he met with the employers’ group and talked about the benefits employees will get. According to Belo, DOLE will shoulder the 14-day salary of employees who will go into quarantine. He followed up by clarifying that the employees will receive the salary whether they have the symptoms or don’t. He also added that the funds will come from DOLE.

DOLE is also looking for ways to help ‘no work, no pay employees.’ They’re searching how these locals can earn during the COVID-19 crisis. Some of their programs are livelihood assistance, emergency jobs, and skills training programs.

The Philippine government, like Italy and other COVID-stricken countries, are doing what they can to protect the people. The virus is spreading like wildfire and it can affect more lives if we don’t work together.

This is a difficult time, everyone should work together. The government and news companies should give out only correct information, especially about protection from the virus. It’s a relatively new virus, and there’s a lot to learn about this. The country’s health workers are also doing what they can to treat the patients. Let’s pray that all this will stop soon and people can go back to their normal lives.

For now, let’s try to stay at home. UnlessĀ  we’re part of the media, health workers, and other COVID-related teams, let’s stay safe at home and pray that our ordeal will end.


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