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Ways How To Get Your Php 5,000 Financial Assistance From DOLE

Ways How To Get Your Php 5,000 Financial Assistance From DOLE
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COVID-19 Adjustment Measures Program (CAMP) was issued by DOLE. This program is under the Department Order No. 209 Series of 2020. CAMP will give a salary subsidy for private company workers that have a Flexible Work Arrangement (FWAs) and companies that need to undergo temporary closure because of the coronavirus. Many families are happy about this program because this can help them in times of crisis.

The financial assistance will be given to workers who have their regular wages reduced due to Flexible Work Arrangements. This will also cover workers who are suspended in work because their employer’s business is suspended. The government employees are not included in the salary subsidy.

Take note that the company will submit the requirements and you will not do it. Follow these easy steps in getting your PHP5, 000 salary subsidy.

  1. The following requirements must be submitted by your company.
  • The COVID-19 pursuant establishment report that has a Labor Advisory No.9, Series of 2020
  • Submit the company payroll for the current month before the temporary closure or FWA is implemented.
  1. The company will use the official email of Department of Labor and Employment, DOLE’s Regional Office or DOLE’s provincial or field office in submitting the application.
  2. Wait for DOLE to finish your application evaluation within 3 working days.
  3. The Company will receive (Notice of Approval) if the application is approved and (Notice of Denial) if denied.

The workers with approved applications will receive a one-time cash subsidy of PHP 5,000 from DOLE. This is a lump sum and no conditional, no matter what employment status. Within 14 days upon receipt, the nearest DOLE Regional Office will send the financial assistance to the worker’s payroll via bank transfer.

Once your applications denied, there might be something wrong on your applications such as documents are falsified and tampered or there is a misrepresentation of facts during the application.


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