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Earn Money and Learn How to be an Angkas Driver

Earn Money and Learn How to be an Angkas Driver
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Heavy traffic anywhere in the Metro has been a common scenario every day. This has become a big problem for commuters who at times report to work late because of the traffic situation. Good thing that Angkas was created as this has become such a big help for commuters. Driving for Angkas gives the driver a chance to earn bigger money than becoming an ordinary employee.

Benefits of Angkas Rider

Insurance benefits – Angkas riders have insurance coverage together with their passengers.

Flexible work hours – Angkas riders can work according to their own time preference. They hold their time so to speak.

Opportunity to earn bigger income – For the majority of Angkas riders, they earn Php1,500.00 if they work full-time. If they are on a part-time basis, it will not be less than Php500.00.

Applying Online

Fill out the online application form – Go to the Angkas page then sign up and fill out the details on the application form

Wait for the notification regarding your application and schedule of safety training – Angkas office will be contacting you for application processing and the schedule of your exam. It may take 2 business days although sometimes, it may be lesser.

You will be required to attend a skills assessment and safety training appointment – You will undergo skills and safety training and exams. It doesn’t take a whole day most of the time. They will also install the Angkas Biker app on your smartphone and teach you about the policies of Angkas.

After the three steps have been completed, you can start accepting bookings – If you have completed the application process successfully, you can start accepting bookings and earning money.


  • Must be 21-55 years of age
  • For 51-55 yrs. old, a medical certificate stating that you are fit to drive a motorcycle is required


  • Original copy of Barangay or Police Clearance
  • Original copy of NBI Clearance
  • Two Photocopies of a valid LTO Professional license
  • Photocopy of the OR-CR of your motorcycle
  • Motorcycle must be a 2011 model or newer. Accepted brands; Yamaha, Suzuki, Kymco, SYM, Euro, Kawasaki, and Honda

If you’re not registered as the owner of the motorcycle, the following documents must be submitted;

  • Photocopy of the ID of the registered owner
  • Deed of Sale or Authorization letter

Installation of Angkas Biker App

You need to have a smartphone that has an Android version 4.4 or above. This is to enable the rider for bookings. Gcash, Gmail, Waze, and Whatsapp are the complementary apps that will also have to be installed to assist the riders.

Areas of Coverage

  • Cebu
  • Balintawak
  • Eastwood
  • Katipunan
  • Makati
  • Manila
  • Monumento
  • New Manila
  • Pasay
  • Pasig
  • QC Circle
  • San Juan
  • South Triangle
  • Taguig

There will be more areas in the future to accommodate other parts too.

There will be expanding to more areas as soon as they can comply with the policies of the government.

Angkas Padala

This is another feature of Angkas. It is helpful for businesses that need alternate delivery and pick-up services. Bookings can be done by providing pick-up and drop-off locations to get the exact price.

Applying for Angkas Student Discount

Senior citizens and PWDs are allowed to a discount on their fare. Students must send valid registration form and student ID through a direct message to the Angkas Twitter account showing that they are currently enrolled. Wait for the discount code which you can use every time you make bookings in Angkas. If you don’t have a Twitter account, you can send a message to their Facebook account.

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