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Home News Filipino Engineer from Riyadh goes Home – Family and House Gone

Filipino Engineer from Riyadh goes Home – Family and House Gone

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This Filipino Engineer who worked in Riyadh, K.S.A. has a story that will be perfect for a teleserye or movie plot. Engineer Romeo Ordaz worked in Riyadh in the hope of giving his family a better life. He worked hard despite the loneliness of being far away from loved ones. He didn’t allow homesickness to get the better of him. So you could just imagine when the time came that he went home unannounced wanting to surprise his family but he was the one who got the most unexpected surprise.

photo via mae regal | twitter

Just like any OFW coming home to their family after working in a foreign land, Ordaz was excited that he will be seeing his family again. But when he came back, his family is gone and so was their house. He can’t understand what happened and this left him wondering. Imagine going home with nowhere to go.

A netizen posted his story on Twitter after seeing him at SM Southmall looking unwell. The netizen, Mae Regala learned that he came back home in 2011 and since then, he has not seen even the shadow of his beloved family. What’s more surprising is the house is gone from where it used to stand.

photo via mae regal | twitter

Mae posted the man’s story in the hope that his family will see it. The engineer said that He’s not sure if his parents are still living but some relatives might still be alive. He has no wife and kids. His parents are Arturo and Conchita Ordaz. He also mentioned that someone took all his money. The netizens also wondered what happened to his family and house. Some said that they might have thought he went home without money so they hid from him. If anyone knows this guy or his family, he can be seen around SM Southmall.


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