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Former Valenzuela Mayor and Congressman Win Gatchalian files bill for Senior Citizens. The “Homes for the [email protected] Seniors Act of 2019” proposes the wellbeing of our beloved local elders. His hometown’s “Bahay Kalinga” organization inspired the Senator to create the bill.

He proposes that every local government unit gets funding to build a shelter for Senior Citizens. The Senate Bill No. 737 seeks to give homes to elder who can’t take care of themselves. They will find retreat in those homes.

These nursing homes will provide shelter, food, and clothing, health care including medicines, and activities for the elders. They can enjoy it there and interact with other seniors! Activities are for their wellbeing and recreation. These elders will also get equal treatment. The nursing homes will be their new homes. The staff will take care of them and they will become a member of that “family”.

This bill is very timely as more, younger generations leave their elders behind. Some do this because of financial reasons. But some simply want to take the burden off their shoulders. Sad to say, this is the reality nowadays in the country. As many youths realize they want to save for their future, travel or enjoy, they are leaving their beloved elders. Through the bill, these elders can find their new “homes”. Of course, it’s very different when they’re with their loved ones. But this can still be the answer for the ones who are already living alone and even homeless.

There are still many loving children who look after their elders. These children will spend their last centavo to provide for their parents or grandparents. And, that is inspiring! For the elders who need some help, this bill can do wonders. Let us all hope it passes so our elders have a chance to live their last years in peace.


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