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The pandemic has caused fear to many people, not only in one country or continent to almost the entire world.  People suffer from anxiety. The anxiety of losing jobs and income and would not be able to support the family’s needs. Fear that the virus would infect you or any loved one. Fear that students cannot attend school and miss their studies until time uncertain.

The Department of Education has ordered a new set up and arrangement for the classes to keep students safe inside their homes while not missing the time and continuing with their studies amid pandemic.

However, the new normal class set-up is not easy for some as it requires a good and stable internet connection and a cellphone or laptop that can be used for online classes.

We cannot deny that not everyone, especially here in the country, can afford to buy the essentials for this new normal life for students.

Ella Mae Fernando, a grade 12 student from Rosario, Cavite, also fears that she won’t be able to continue studying. But she did not merely wait for the answer to her problem, but she works it out and finds ways to solve it.

Ella sells fish to their neighbors and nearby area to help her family and spare some money to buy the gadget that she needs and have an internet connection for her upcoming classes in October.

It was never easy, but she hoped that she could raise and save enough for her needs. Still, it was the right action from a young lady that she learned to value her education at an early age despite their financial struggle.

Nevertheless, this pandemic has taught many of us to be thankful for what we have and work hard for the things we need to survive.

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