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Most people often describe their dream house as big, luxurious, elegant, and expensive. Big dreams will indeed turn into big things eventually, but starting small isn’t a bad option especially for couples who are just starting a new life together. One should always remember that in life, there are no shortcuts. Big things always start from small beginnings.

Nonetheless, not all people are dreaming of living in a huge and fancy house. A couple from Cavite went viral for showing their tiny yet beautiful home and only spend Php280,000 on building it.

Hazel Garcia and AB Magtulis own this two-story house. The exterior design looks refreshing with fern-green colored walls and bamboo slats on top of it. There are also overhangs above the door and windows to provide additional protection from the sun and rain. A rainbow LGBT flag is also visible and seen waving on the rooftop.

With a floor area of only 6sqm, the couple managed to squeeze in two workstations in the living room. The interior design looks sleek with white painted walls and wooden shades covering the windows.

They also managed to fit in a small ottoman couch inside the house. It also saved them some space because the couch also serves as their storage area for their clothes, etc. Beside the sofa is a nice-looking yellow spiral stairway with triangular treads, which leads to the loft which features a bedroom.

The bedroom has a queen-size bed, a mini-refrigerator, and a television. It also has a circular window where you can peek and enjoy the beautiful scenery outside.

The bathroom is located on the first floor. Upon opening its door, a dreamcatcher décor hanging on the wall will welcome you.

Overall, the house sure looks beautiful and refreshing. With various plants surrounding it, it gives off a feeling like it is one with nature. It may be tiny, but always remember the saying that “good things come in small packages.”

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