Home Guides How to Become Flight Attendant in the Philippines and List of Airlines to Apply

How to Become Flight Attendant in the Philippines and List of Airlines to Apply

How to Become Flight Attendant in the Philippines and List of Airlines to Apply
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Are you one of those hopefuls in having a career as a flight attendant in the Philippines? If so, read this article to fully understand how to become one; educational background and responsibilities, and airline companies you can apply to. The job of a flight attendant is considered as one of the most rewarding jobs in the country and other parts of the world. Imagine this; the pay is good and you can travel all over the world for free. If you’re someone who loves to travel, then this job will leave you very satisfied. Needless to say, it’s really worht considering.

Educational Requirement for Flight Attendant

(Based on the Bureau of Local Employment – DOLE)

You have to be a high school graduate or its corresponding equivalent. There are some airlines though that requires applicants with a higher level of education (college degree). Having said this, those that have attended training courses on becoming a flight attendant will have an edge over those with a lower level of education. Some of the highly sought after areas of studies are the people-oriented disciplines like psychology, travel & tourism, communications, hospitality, education, and nursing.

If you’re planning to apply as a flight attendant in international airline companies, you have to study other languages. These companies prefer applicants who know at least 2 major foreign languages. Another preference is to have a degree in business administration major in Accounting.

Additional Requirements

Physical Characteristics

  • With pleasing personality
  • Preferably below 27 yrs. of age
  • At least 5’5” in height
  • Has a 20/20 vision
  • In perfect state of health
  • Nice set of teeth (with dentures not allowed)
  • Good command of the English language (written & oral)


  • Resourceful, diplomatic, and poised
  • People oriented
  • Able to speak with clarity
  • Can comfortably interact with strangers
  • Knowlegeable in applying first aid and can remain calm in emergency situations
  • Able to handle emergency equipments


A flight attendant must be able to provide services and ensure the comfort and safety it the passngers on the duration of the flight. Aside from these, you must also be able to perform the following tasks diligently;

  • Verifiy airline tickets
  • Serve meals to passenger
  • Able to give an excellent quality of customer service
  • Demonstrate proper use of emergency equipments
  • Able to answer any inquiries by the passengers
  • Announce information to passengers


Based on the Bureau of Local Employment –DOLE data, the starting salary of a flight attendant in the Philippines may range from Php 18-26K/month. This may reach Php36-54K/month if you’re highly experienced and skilled. The salary may be higher if working in an international airline.

Aside from the salary, there will be other benefits too depending on the airline company.


There is a high demand for flight attendant and the competition may be strong. Those with a higher level of training, education, and experience definitely have an edge over the ones that don’t have. But don’t fret yet because there are other options for those that don’t have these competencies. There’s always an option to try the growing regional arilines, charter and low-cost airlines. There are also opportunities to work for private companies that have their own aircraft for use of the executives of the company. There is a chance of getting employed in reataurants & hotels, storage & communications, transport, renting and business activities, and real estate.

Airline Companies

These are the list of airlines that hire flight attendants in the country;

  • Cathay Pacific
  • Cebu Pacific
  • Emirates
  • Japan Airlines
  • Philippine Airlines
  • Qatar Airways
  • Saudi Arabian Airlines

There are airline companies that have a grand recruitment schedule for flight attendant applicants and cabin crew. During this time, the aspiring applicants may bring their resume/CV and wear proper attire. After passing the screening, you may have to attend for interview and if you get lucky, you will be attending the orientation.

Most of the time, there are recruiters that offer training courses for flight attendant for the successful candidates. This is to prepare them for emergency situations, swimming & personality development, and infight services. Qualified crews will then be required to complete a practical & physical exam. If you pass all these, you’re about to go onboard. This will be the start of your journey as a flight attendant.

Career Advancement

Flight attendants that have a good standing record might be promoted and become supervisors or be moved from senior flight attendant to ccheck flight attendant then to flight attendant supervisors. Afterwards, it can lead to promotion to base manager then to manager or VP of in-flight operations. There will be additional duties of course like instructing, recruiting, and development of in-flight services. If you’re a flight attendant that doesn’t want to travel most of the time, there are other positions too such as administrative assistant, human resource personnel, or be transferred in the risk management department.

On the last note, needless to say, a flight attendant job is not only rewarding in terms of financial but also of career advancement and not to mention, the opprotunity to travel around the globe without spending a single centavo. It may require a lot of perseverance and effort but the perks are all worth it. It is a career path that you will absolutely not regret.

source: dole,definitelyfilipino

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