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How to Get Student License

How to Get Student License
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Are you planning to drive on your own? Then it’s about time that you should have your own driver’s license. Since it’s your first time, you will only be able to get a Student License or Permit. So, why would you need to have a Student Permit from the LTO if you’re just about to practice driving; you may be wondering. This is required so that you will be able to practice driving and after a few months you will get your Non-Professional Driver’s License and start driving on your own.

Student License Qualifications 

  • At least 17 yrs. of age
  • Mentally and physically fit to drive
  • English or Filipino literate

LTO Student License Requirements (2019)

  • Fill-up the downloadable driver’s license application form
  • Submit an original and a photocopy of birth certificate
  • For those that are below 18 yrs. of age, attach a copy (original) of consent from parents or guardian and a Xerox copy of one valid Government issued ID that shows the signature of the consenting parent or guardian.
  • A Medical Certificate (hard copy) which states that you are mentally and physically fit to drive. It must be issued by a registered physician and from a clinic that had been accredited by the LTO. The certificate should be uploaded electronically by the physician or clinic to the LTO IT system.

Points to Remember

In case that the birth certificate is not available, any of these 2 documents will do;

  • Joint affidavit of 2 unbiased persons who personally know the applicant. They must be able to attest to the applicant’s identity and age.
  • A non-availability of record from the local civil registry or NSO must also be attached.
  • Any government issued ID or legal document that will prove the identity and age
  • In the absence of parent or guardian, the consent should be notarized.

Steps on How to Get a Student License

  • Go to the nearest LTO licensing center and proceed to the customer service window.
  • Secure an application form ( this can also be downloaded from their website)
  • Wait for your number to be called and you can go to the evaluator counter. Submit all the documents and wait while they are being checked for authenticity and completeness
  • Once your name is called, proceed to have your photo and signature taken.
  • Go to the cashier to pay the corresponding fees. Make sure you get an OR (Official Receipt) before leaving the window
  • You may now proceed to the Releasing Window; present the OR and you can claim your Student Permit


Student Permit Fee              Php150.00

Application Fee                         100.00

Computer Fee                            67.63

Total                                 Php317.63

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A Student Permit has a validity of one year but you can already apply for a Non-Professional Driver’s License after six months. Make sure though that by the time you will be applying for said license, you’re already good on your driving skills. You should also know all the traffic rules and road signs by heart when you decide to apply. You will undergo the LTO Driving Test along with the written exam so always remember this;

Applicants that will fail in the Practical Driving Test and Basic Driving Theory Test for 2x, won’t be allowed to apply within a one year period. If an applicant will fail in any of the test for the 3rd time will only be allowed to apply after two years. Having said this, make sure that take the lessons seriously and know them by heart so that you will be able to pass on your first take. This will save you a lot of hassle and you can enjoy driving on your own.

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