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How to Get a Driver’s License Fast

How to Get a Driver’s License Fast
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So, you’re planning to get a driver’s license in the Philippines. The good news is that you don’t have to deal with fixers. With these important tips in mind, you’re guaranteed to get a license fast and without hassles!

LTO drivers license

Similar to other government transactions expect for slow service and long lines when it comes to applying for a driver’s license. There’s no such thing as a shortcut. However, with some tricks and adequate preparation, you can get your license in less than for hours!

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Please take note these basic and practical tips on how to get your driver’s license fast

Practice driving. After all, you will never be granted a driver’s license if you don’t have any experience in driving. This will help you pass the practical exam in the application.

Complete all the required documents. Make sure you have all the documents required on your hands. A medical certificate is one of the important requirements, so secure it beforehand.

Equip your wallet with enough amount of money for fees. Of course, money is also crucial. Determine the amount of money you will need for payment, so you won’t have to line up again at the nearby ATM.

New Student Permit Fees (Total: PHP 317.63)

  • Application Fee: PHP 100
  • Computer Fee: PHP 67.63
  • Student Permit Fee: PHP 150

New Professional/Non-Professional Driver’s License Fees (Total: PHP 820.26)

  • Application Fee: PHP 100
  • Computer Fee: PHP 67.63
  • License Fee: PHP 585
  • Computer Fee: PHP 67.63

Other Fees

  • Medical Exam: PHP 350 to PHP 500
  • Car Rental for Driving Test: PHP 250

* fees may vary

Comes as early as possible to the LTO office. The office is always filled with applicants every single day. If you don’t want to spend the rest of the office hours waiting for your turn, come early to the office.

Dress properly. Do not overlook this tip. LTO requires every driver’s license applicant to be presentable, clean, and neat during exams and photo-taking. This will also prevent delays.

Bring drinking water and snacks. You will not know when your application would be completed, so bring snacks and water with you. Doing so will prevent hassles of leaving your queue. And in case the staff called your name, you won’t miss it.

Until an online system project is not yet fully available, you need to follow the manual process of driver’s license application.

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It takes hours and patience, yes. As long as you keep these tips in mind, you will never have any problem at all. You can maintain that compose of yours once you leave the LTO office.

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