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“May this journey paint a smile and relieve the negativity of the world as it endures the pain of this global health crisis. For teachers who struggle between work and continuing professional education, this is for you, “ a message written by Danhill C. Donoga.

Danhill has inspired many people when his story was featured in The Summit Express. He first started his career as a registered nurse and worked for DOH for four years.

His years of being a nurse came to an end when he decided to look for a more permanent job. He took some courses in Education and took the board exams for teachers. He passed the examinations, became a licensed professional teacher.

He landed a teaching job in Basilio B. Chan Memorial Agricultural and Industrial School in Lavezares, Northern Samar. The school has no designated nurse and with over 2,000 students the school decided to assign him as the school nurse and take over the school clinic.

He felt like he needed to do more so he took a Master’s degree and even continued his Doctorate degree at the University of Eastern Philippines. After 6 years of hard work as a teacher and 6years of non-stop school works, he finished his Doctor of Philosophy in Education major in Educational Management in June 2019. It was never easy for he has to juggle two roles at the same time, being a teacher and a student. He finished everything with flying colors and even received two major distinctions.

He was awarded “Outstanding Junior High School Teacher and Outstanding Teacher” in research management in the whole province of Northern Samar by his school. It feels so great when your workplace recognizes your efforts and hard work.

Aside from being a dynamic educator, he is also a person with a big heart for helping the community. In fact, he spent his birthday budget to help the victims of Typhoon Tisoy last December 2019 and Typhoon Ambo in May 2020.

“While receiving these high-esteemed recognitions, I realized that despite what happened in 2019 where the province was hardly hit by typhoons and earthquake, still, we withstood the test of time. Nalampasan ko kasama ang Dyos at ang aking malaking pangarap para sa sarili, pamilya, at sa lipunan,” Donoga quoted.

Are you also inspired by his life story?

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