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A long-distance relationship is maybe difficult and challenging. Your family and your best friends may go against it, they may tell you not to really give your 100% or you’ll cry your heart out when the other one leaves you. That is why, many people don’t go with long-distance romantic relationships but not John Mark Tokong and his Australian wife, Danni Hughes.

A native of Siargao, John Mark is a professional Pinoy surfer. The locals and other people call him Marama Tokong. Siargao is a beautiful island in the southern part of the country. The island is covered with tall palm trees and the big waves attract many surfers from all over the world.

Siargao has honed Marama’s skill in surfing. In fact, he is best known as one of the country’s best know surfer from Siargao. During the 30th Sea Games in 2019, Marama Tokong and his team represented the Philippines as well. His skills in surfing is impeccable and his hard work and dedication in the said sport brought him to many countries. He and his team were also fortunate to visit President Duterte in the Malacañang Palace.

Many netizens were happy to find out that after many years of exclusively dating the Australian beauty, he is now happily married to Danni. His Facebook paged showed his happiest day ever when he and his girlfriend said their “I Dos”. The couple has been exclusively dating for a few years now. Danni visited the country and spent her holiday in Siargao where he met our Pinoy pride surfer. Marama did everything that he can to get the “YES” from the Australian beauty. Although they both lived a thousand miles apart, they’re able to manage it and look at them now!

Marama and Danni Hughes Tokong are now blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Visit his Facebook page and see how happy he is today with his beautiful family.

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