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What does it take to become successful? For this woman, it took passing the ALS and continuing her studies to become a Cum Laude. ALS is the Alternative Learning System Accreditation and Equivalency Test. It’s a test to evaluate a student’s competence so the student can move forward to the next education level. ALS passers can skip the educational years if they’re lucky. This is perfect for students who repeated in school or ones that didn’t go to school at the right age. Students who pass can enroll in the educational level ALS approved for them.

Kezia Keren Ambag passed the ALS and even became a Cum Laude. She wowed netizens after they learned she topped the Teacher’s Board Exams.  So, she didn’t only pass the ALS and became a cum laude – she also became the number 1 board exam passer for teachers. Kezia missed several levels in basic education but her intelligence is undeniable. Imagine not going to several levels in school but getting very good grades in college? She is an amazing and bright woman.

UP Assistant Professor at the College of Education, Mercedes Arzadon shared the story. She shared it because she is in awe of the achievement of Kezia. She mentioned that the ALS community is proud of her achievements and for topping the LET. Kezia went to the Philippine Normal University in Agusan del Sur, Mindanao.

She took up Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEEd). This story signifies how anyone, including you, can reach for their dreams through dedication. Sure, there will be obstacles and it may seem your dreams are too far away. But always put your trust in the Lord and yourself that you can do anything as long as you’re willing to try.


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