Home Public Info Look: Get Amaze with this Total Makeover of this Small House

Look: Get Amaze with this Total Makeover of this Small House

Look: Get Amaze with this Total Makeover of this Small House
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Grace Lucas had lived in a tiny house located in Villamor Airbase all her life. To date, she shares the house with her family; husband Miguel and their 3 kids. It became very small for them as their family grew so they agreed to extend the house. Unfortunately, the extension didn’t push through because their house was destroyed when a Sampaloc tree fell during the height of typhoon Milenyo. The family got disappointed with this disaster because they have to stop the renovation but Gwyn Guanzon, a decorator, came to help their plight.

To ensure a structurally secure property, Gwyn built a ceiling and stabilized the scaffold of the wall. The house originally had a bamboo covered window but Gwyn replaced it instead with bamboo slats so that natural air and light can still stream into the house.

He had it painted with different colors to make it look livelier. The living room was filled with the colors lilac, white, blue, gray, and pink to make it the room more vivacious. White walls also help in making a small area look bigger.

The old dining set of the family was replaced with dining set from Crossings Home. He also wanted to move the staircase but since the walls of the bedroom was uneven; it remained on the same spot.

The wall of the small kitchen was painted with white to make it look more open. There are white brick backsplash and white tiles on the countertop.

There was a total makeover on the bathroom which doesn’t even have a faucet and was just cement-finished. It looks much better now with the white tiles and a shower set.

Looking at the transformation of this house would make you realize that it doesn’t really need expensive materials and extravagant design to make a house look much better.

You just have to know what color and designs are needed to maximize even the smallest house.


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