Home News Government Employees Will be Given Their Mid Year Bonus Beginning May 15, 2019

Government Employees Will be Given Their Mid Year Bonus Beginning May 15, 2019

Government Employees Will be Given Their Mid Year Bonus Beginning May 15, 2019
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Starting May 15, entitled employees of government agencies will be receiving their mandatory mid-year bonus. This is under Section 5 of DBM Budget Circular No. 2017-2 mandate called ‘Rules and Regulations on the Grant of the Mid-Year Bonus for FY 2017 and Years Thereafter. The mid-year bonus for government employees is the equivalent for their one month salary. Are you a government agent or someone in the family is? If yes then here are the guidelines for the mid-year bonus of 2019;

  • The employee must have at least worked for a minimum of 4 months
  • The employee must be currently working for the government agency
  • The employee must have satisfactory performance for three months

Please be guided that employee who is no longer connected with the government agency will have no mid-year bonus. To add, part-time employees’ mid-year bonus will be in proportion for their ‘part-time services rendered.’ The government agency employee who transferred to a new government office shall have a mid-year bonus but will be shouldered by their new government agency. Government agency employees who have administrative or criminal charges against them will still receive mid year-bonus until they are found guilty. However, they will not receive the mid-year bonus if;

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  • There is already a final decision in which case they will have to refund the mid-year bonus given to them

What is the coverage for the mid-year bonus and who is covered?

  • Department Head, Agencies, National Government Offices employees, State Universities and Colleges, Commissions, Offices of the Constitutional Fiscal Autonomy Group (CFAG)
  • GOCCs or Government-Owned or Controlled Corporations Heads
  • LGU or Local Government Units Heads

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All these are covered whether their type of employment is regular, contractual, casual, elective, appointive, full time or part-time. Other types of government employment included are military personnel, Philippine National Police personnel, and other typ0es of government agencies.


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