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What is success? There are many definitions of success. It’s no accident. It’s a combination of hard work, patience, resilience and determination. Many of successful people today studied and graduated from prominent and prestigious institutions. Some successful people also came from public and state universities.

A young man proved that education is important but not necessarily the key to one’s success. Many thriving businessmen came from poor families and weren’t lucky enough to be given a good education, but still they managed to become successful people.


Esquire Mag featured a very successful businessman who failed to finish high school on time. He transferred to 3 different schools and failed to graduate and get a diploma. It’s not because he was unintelligent but because he likes to skip classes and hang out with friends.

Coming from a very wealthy family, Felipe Zamora III was able to proceed to college after passing the Philippine Educational Placement Test. He then went to the US to continue his tertiary education.


When he was studying abroad he realized a lot of things. He shared on his interview:

“You go to school with people who have two jobs. You go to school with people with kids and it’s like, wow what a realization… Then you start having an appreciation for the value of money and work that really changes your perception.”

After completing his degree in Finance he came back to the Philippines and became the head Golden Legacy Finance Corporation (GLFC), Zamora’ s family business. GLFC is a lending company catering to pensioners in the country.


Aside from the family business, Felipe also ventured into another business and partnered with a Russian company who really wanted to expand and bring their business in South East Asia.

In September 2017, Robocash opened its first branch in the Philippines and became very successful. Now there are 50 branches of Robocash in the Philippines and like what they always say, the rest is history.


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