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What used to be an old pig pen became a source of happiness for this lolo’s grandkids.

Lolo Alfredo is your ordinary grandfather. He loves his grandchildren and knows that they just want to have fun this summer.  Yet, they can’t do that because of the quarantine period.

So, Lolo Alfredo turned his old pigpen to a wonderful mini-pool for the whole family. At first, the family was thinking of buying an inflatable pool.

Blessie, the mother said that they only worried that the children might destroy it because they’re still very playful and rowdy. That is why Lolo Alfredo thought of a way to improvise.

For only Php4,000, Lolo Alfredo built this water haven in their home. He made it in 6 days.  What a way to beat the hit and boredom from the quarantine.

Lolo Alfredo is a construction worker that’s why building things like this mini-pool is easy for him. The mini-pool is better than the inflatable pool. It will last longer and more susceptible to wear-and-tear.

Blessie shared that the children loved the mini-pool. It’s colorful and big enough for the three. The children’s names are Rica Mae, Ricailla Maine, and Rick Alfred. Base on their photos, the children truly loved what Lolo Afredo did for them.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a grandfather like Lolo Alfredo?

Our grandparents play significant parts of our lives. Some of us grew up having only them looking out for us. They take care of us when mommy and daddy are at work. They defend us from bullies, give us “naughty foods”, and let us play until it’s dark outside.

Truly, it’s a blessing to have loving grandparents like Lolo Alfredo. Blessie’s children are in good hands. She has help from a loving Lolo who is always there for his grandchildren.

May God bless your loving soul, Lolo Alfredo!

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