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They say “dogs are man’s best friend”. Dogs make the best companion, protector, helper, and lifesaver. There is a special and unique bond between dogs and their masters. They have feelings too. They wag their tails if they are happy and growl if they are threatened. That’s why they also deserve a place they can call home and humans they can call a family.

Furr Station, a Facebook page showed pictures of a homeless man in the streets with his cute little dog. Despite having no permanent shelter and food to eat, this old man still took good care of the dog. The homeless man enjoyed playing with the dog and uses empty plastic bottles as its toy. The pictures that went viral online inspired a lot of netizens.

The Facebook page shared many pictures of the two with a caption:

“Poor by money but rich of heart. God bless you Tatay”.

It earned many praises and good feedback from people online after the pictures were posted. Having a pet, may it be a dog, a cat, or a reptile, requires effort and a big responsibility. Despite the struggle of finding a place where they can stay and rest for the night, and the difficulty of finding food to eat, this man still took the responsibility of taking care of his cute furbaby. A cute picture of the old man dragging his trolley bag with the dog on top of it also circulated online.

Many netizens wished to help the old man and his pet dog and some even tagged Ms. Heart Evangelista on Facebook. Heart is known as a pet lover and an animal rights advocate. She earned many praises recently when she gave a man living in the street with his pet dogs a house.

“A dog doesn’t care if you are rich or poor. A dog will love you all his life,” a netizen commented on one of the viral pictures of the old man and his cute dog on Facebook.

That simply shows that whatever your social status in life, your dog will never leave your side. A true loyal friend.

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