Home Tech Entertainment Quick Tour on Beautiful Cozy Apartment of Janine Gutierrez

Quick Tour on Beautiful Cozy Apartment of Janine Gutierrez

Quick Tour on Beautiful Cozy Apartment of Janine Gutierrez
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Like other celebrities trying to venture on new things, Janine Gutierrez has also entered into the exciting and fun world of vlogging.

Netizens were in awe of her first vlog after she has shared what her abode looks like. “We’re live!! Part two of what we’ve been working on – our own YouTube channel! Starting it off with my home tour as the first video…” she said on her first video vlog on YouTube.

The first episode was a tour around the actress and model’s very own home whose pastel palette, statement details, and cozy vibe gave viewers major inspiration.

Trendy walls and evocative décor

Some might go for neutrals and organized room divisions that are simply classic, we’re big fans of how Janine opted to do something unique. She made use of wallpaper and decorated with a coordinated mishmash of differently sized and colored framed artworks like her favorite paintings, photographs, and posters. These highly personal choices show off her personality, her favorite memories, and her sentimentality that makes an important factor that turns a house into a home.

The kitchen

Janine says she’s always wanted an old school Smeg fridge for as long as she can remember because of how cute it is. This fridge makes an extra piece of art. Her choice of a faded quail egg-blue, round-cornered refrigerator now sits in a kitchen filled with soft tropical hues; light salmon cupboards, a floor of wooden panels, and sandy walls make the perfect partners to her favorite fridge.

With her kitchen being seen from every point of her home, she wanted to make sure that it was also the most visually appealing space.


Despite the ease and comfort of just buying tons of lovely pieces readily available at furniture shops around the metro, Janine opted for a custom-made, rectangular wooden dining table made by local artisans that comfortably sits six.

We’re especially fond of an adorable detail that might go unseen, but made all the difference; on one side of the table’s longer side sits two dining chairs, while the other one is combined with a toning wooden bench. It’s a smart idea to make more room for additional diners!

One that you’ll also notice is a painting of the ocean that hangs in her dining area. It is likewise made by a local artist named Tammy De Roca, who Janine discovered via Instagram.

Janine’s apartment is genuinely filled with beauty beyond their costs-a reflection of fashion and passion.

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