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Getting your SSS PRN is now mandatory when you’re paying for your SSS contribution and to ensure that it will be posted on time. This is in line with the Social Security System’s RTPC (Real Time Posting of Contribution Payments) project. You can now get your SSS PRN through texting. Isn’t this such an ease?

In the past, you can only get this through the SSS PRN Hotline 920-6446 to 55 and can only be accessed on weekdays. Good thing now that it can be accessed through text which makes it easier for everyone. If you’re getting your PRN for the first time through text, make sure you have at least Php5 worth of regular load. In case that there will be some mistakes like misspelled words, you’re going to request for it again. For your succeeding text request, you will just need Php2.50 worth of regular load.

How to request SSS PRN for the first time;

Step IRegister SSS Number

Type this on your message; SSS REG <space> <SSS No.> <space> <birthdate mm/dd/yyyy>

Send this to 2600

Example; SSS REG 123456785 02/09/2000

Step IIConfirmation

Wait for the text confirmation that will be sent by the SSS Text Program saying that the registration was successful. The text should also include the PIN. Keep this PIN because this will be your password each time you will request for PRN through text.

Step IIIPRN Request

Type this on your message; SSS PRN <space> <SSS PIN> <space> <SSS No.> <space> <birthdate mm/dd/yyyy>

Send this to 2600

Example; SSS PRN 52621 123456785 02/09/2000


          Wait for the text message that contains your PRN together with the due date and amount that you have to pay.

After this process, you can now pay at any SSS partnering banks and payment centers.

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