Home News Steps to a Better Social Distancing Implemented by Kalentong Market

Steps to a Better Social Distancing Implemented by Kalentong Market

Steps to a Better Social Distancing Implemented by Kalentong Market
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The growing number of COVID-19 affected people is forcing local government heads to look for more innovative ways to help stop the spread of the virus. How are things going so far? For Mandaluyong residents, the city is implementing a new policy.

The thriving city banned entry and exit of their area of responsibility. They were very strict about it. On April 17, Friday, the municipality started a new social distancing policy.

3 Necessary Steps to Social Distancing in Mandaluyong, Kalentong Market:

  • Residents of Mandaluyong with surnames starting with A to L can go to Kalentong Market every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.
  • The residents with surnames starting with M to Z are allowed to go on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.
  • They’re closing the market every Monday for disinfection.

Will this work? It’s a systematized step that will limit the flow of human traffic. At this point, everyone should follow instructions from their local government and other authorities.

We can’t lose hope. The pandemic has affected many lives in and out of the country. It continues to affect more if residents become stubborn and go out of their houses like there’s no serious health emergency. Government officials, front-liners, and concerned individuals can’t stress enough that we should all stay inside if we don’t have a business outside.

The sooner the authorities contain the virus, the better. The new social distancing policy by the Kalentong Market is a new tactic that might help avoid more people outside. Let’s try to keep healthy and boost our immunity while there’s still a pandemic. Everyone’s lives will change after this.

If we’re alive and healthy by the time the pandemic ends, then we can face another challenge, which is to rise after the catastrophe. We need all the energy, good health, and motivation we can get if we are to re-emerge as a country that survived a pandemic.

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